I’ve got a bunch of other browsers and I’m not writing much on ubuntuforums. October 30th, 6. I found that it works somewhat better with firmware 1. All the other steps appear to be unnecessary, and they are quite difficult to achieve with a fresh install of dapper, since Internet access is likely not available due to this very problem, and a lot of stuff needs to be downloaded, and packages fetched. These notes aim to be the shortest and most concise description of how to get the device to work under the stated platform. Thanks a lot, Luis. No dock devices found.

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Hawking HWP54G rev T

Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. I did that, and nothing. It worked out of the box with ubuntu dapper; however, it performed poorly. October 29th, 5. Results 1 to 10 of So I started the network-manager nm-applet which I disabled 1044c long time ago when it was still rubbish.

My laptop is a Toshiba with a P4 2. Hi Randall, Thanks for you help. When I went there, there was one file named 9606 FwRad Then I just clicked on my wlan, entered my key and done greetings illis I’m writing this over my wlan, so yes, it works, it even survived a restart.


I was able to get the card working with the driver installation procedure you linked. No dock devices found. October 30th, 8.

But no light on the Dlink adapter. Download, or somehow otherwise transfer, this file onto your computer. I found I only had to follow one step from this wiki page, this one: Could someone guide me to solve this problem?

The PCI ID Repository

Lid Switch [LID] [ 0. If you have a wheel mouse or 3 button mouse you do not need to type commands into the Terminal. Ubuntu xubuntu-meta Edit question Assignee: I have Realtek for Ethernet. Note that I did not compile the driver myself like the 104x tells you; I simply changed what firmware is loaded.

[ubuntu] Texas Instruments ACX – ndiswrapper – 64 bit

I know that i can use Ndiswrapper, but don’t have a Win driver 64bit With 9. By this question, I mean, do you have the tools with which to build the driver sources?

Now move the firmware into this 99066, possibly overwriting the existing, buggy firmware: The os may look nice ect. Is Zorin 10 more open to older hardware than 9.


WifiDocs/Driver/acx – Community Help Wiki

Thanks for you help. October 30th, 9. Hi, Please first connect your network card to the wireless router using an ethernet cable also known as a LAN cable. Firmware left e interrupts enabled; disabling [ 0. It was noscript blocking yahooapis.

Followed some posts and collected the following info: Please first connect your network card to the wireless router using an ethernet cable also known as a LAN cable. Join Date Nov Beans 9. If you had a network card with ethernet cable to internet then it would 10c4 two wires connected in the middle that looks like a ‘forward slash’.

The key was to use the network-manager after installing the ndiswrapper-drivers instead of just trying to force a connection per console somehow.