MJPEG is an “all keyframes” format, just one picture after another. You turn it on and off by holding down the wheel-selector on the back. The highest video clip resolution the Pocket DV2 can manage is by , at nine frames per second. This product has a low res screen and takes low res vid and pics. Be the first to review this item. MPEG-4 – x – 30 fps.

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If you want to edit, aiptsk have to decompress and recompress frames, and you lose quality every time you do that. Do not connect the camcorder to your computer at this stage. Now aiptem a better one! Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, The little convex shiny bit below the lens that you can see in the above picture, by the way, is not just a decoration.

Coogee Cv2, Sydney, Australia, on an overcast summer’s day. This manual also for: I like baby digital cameras. If you point the Pocket DV2 at yourself, the reflection in the little curved mirror roughly indicates what the camera’s seeing. Which ain’t great, but is about all you can expect a camera this cheap and tiny to be able to encode. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Aiptek IS-DV2.4 Manuals

The recorded pictures appear too blurred. The Pocket DV2’s internal image-construction system did not like this. The camcorder does not respond to any action during operation. Image quality This camera takes good pictures, by the standards of toy-cams. The size is a bit bigger than pocket storage.

Review: Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

It’s placed so that you can’t easily put your eye to it, and if you try, you just see a blur. MJPEG is an “all keyframes” format, just aipfek picture after another.

Make a mini boombox by Donald Bell. See, what most people want to do with video from a toy-cam is not all that fancy.

Connect the USB cable to your computer. It’s really not too bad, except for some rather crunchy colour on things like the sea and the trees, vd2 should be pretty uniform.

AIPTEK IS-DV2 – digital AV recorder

Many current consumer digital cameras can shoot video clips of respectable length, and ought to be better at it than the Pocket DV2. It doesn’t have revolting lens distortion issues, its focus ring lets you get decently sharp results on all subjects provided you guesstimate the right focus settingand aipte, doesn’t compress its pictures to death. In file transfer mode, the camera is then just a USB 1. We list the reasons they’re on thin ice — and suggest how they can be saved.


More on that soon. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When using the camcorder: You don’t even have to read much of the manual; VirtualDub automatically warns you when you’re doing things that you might not actually want to do.

The video sensor in this camcorder will give you decent x clips in Windows Media Video.

Aiptek ISDV Flash Memory Camcorder (Blue) IS-DVBLUE B&H

Apart from that issue, this thing’s a beaut. Closing the LCD, by the way, does not automatically turn the backlight off. System Requirements Operating System Support. Here’s a bit of a D60 picture of a house.

There’s a simple optical viewfinder above the LCD, which is a strange little thing.