No need to mess round modifying CD images! Thanks for all your help! Discussion about old PC hardware. You do not need to install the bios settings functions ori its hidden partition as the settings will work from a booted Setup diskette. While you have it plugged into another PC, might as well dump the installers for all the programs you want and the drivers as well. I have traveled across the universe and through the years to find Her.

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That doesn’t make sense. You do not need to install the bios settings functions ori its hidden partition as the settings will work from a booted Setup diskette.

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It may be that the Setup diskette will check that you have the correct model and refuse to work, in which case it may need patching but that is beyond my capabilities. Why not try and install Windows first and then worry about the drivers?

For some reason it only seems to boot onto it from the machine I installed it from. Thanks so much for taking your time to read this.

See here for everything that doesn’t fit BA. The files are still accessible from a bootable DOS floppy and I can see all my files on there for the old DOS I had installed which was bootable, I even stuck the hard-drive into my computer and restored an old backup I had of the hard-drive, but now it says ‘Disk error.


The setup routine autoconfigures everything, so if a compatible driver is there you shouldn’t need to tweak a thing. Users browsing this forum: Joined Mon Aug 26, 1: Hi community, it’s been a while since I’ve started working on a vintage project!

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I believe the first bootable partition is offset from where the bios partition is placed, which is why using a standard DOS diskette to create partitions is confusing your Compaq.

Previous topic Next topic. Tue May 10, 6: No need to mess round modifying CD images!

Joined Mon Jan 04, OTOH you could look into the config. Is there some way to replace the emulated floppy on the Windows installation disc with the proper drivers and edit the Autoexec. No easy fix for this and replacement drives are impossible to find. Tue May 10, 1: I would suggest modifying the contents of the image in-situ using WinImage, or even by mounting it in Dosbox and modifying the files on it through Dosbox.


Sony PCGA-CD51/A Free Driver Download for DOS () – pcga-cdzip

All you really need is a cd-rw or a blank cd-r: Users browsing this forum: It was all mostly parts but I happily managed to recover it to a working state! Didn’t know Compaq laptops had the same problems Unfortunately my knowledge on memory mapping is awful, so any help is really appreciated!

What about using Rufus? The partition table is stored on the harddisk and your PC created a different incompatible cdd51 than your laptop expects Terrum wrote: You need neither a partition nor a floppy disk to access the BIOS as it is stored in a flash chip on the motherboard Retrobuilder since WFW3.

Sony PCGA-CD51 Free Driver Download

I’m selling some stuff! It creates a folder on your system and you just run setup from there after installation. Then just make a boot disk for Windows 98 with the right drivers and off you go! Display posts from previous: