The wire that corresponds to hole 5 of the connector you have it to weld to the other ends of the 5 diodes. Don’t be to worried if you don’t find a wire for each hole there are only 7 or 8 wires and 9 holes. We are going to find out to what hole of the female connector is connected to which small wire. Instead they would be connected like this:. P lay S tation. All diodes are standard signal 1N diodes. And desire for an adventure itself

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Now cut each one of these wires except the one that does not have insulator that you can cut it directly removing little insulation from the ends of the wires driectpad you have bare wire.

Solder the corresponding pin to each of the wires from the extension. This can be a little tricky with two wires into one end of the DB connector. Note that the parallel port may not be able to supply enough power to run a second controller, and you may only be able to run one at a time without using an external power supply.

Close everything and executes the game. To hook up the second controller duplicate all connections except DB and DB Direcpad you’re having troubles, and have already double-checked the wiring and diode orientation, try using the Advanced tab in the control panel and increasing the PSX scan delay.

The pins in blue are those that we will use if we connect a second pad. Nothing of anything in the driver works. Take the 5 diodes and it cuts the ends that are on the side opposition to the mark what marks? Here is direcptad Playstation interface schematic.


All diodes are standard signal 1N diodes. Remember that you must weld the 5 diodes in the correct direction.

The pins where we are going to make connections are in red. Connect the 5v to pin 5 of the djrectpad were the diodes connected and the ground to pins 18 and 19 of the DB connector. And that is it. If what you need is 9v or too lazy to get and external power supply, you can get that from inside too. You should be able to configure the second pad the same as you did for pad one. Quick attention to these changes. In theory it would have to work with any control system of game for PlayStation pad of another mark, steering wheel, etc.

Direct Pad Pro – Joystick Emulators – Zophar’s Domain

For me I had to click Add Connecting a second PlayStation Pad to the same parallel port. The scheme would be thus now:. Well, we now have written on the paper the relation of the holes from the 1 to the 9 and to what cable color in the other end corresponds to each one of them. The interface is shown looking into the pad’s connector.

Win9X Direct Pad Pro 5 installation

As I said before all the other wires get connected the same way as pad one. Report by Emulatronia http: Tin-plating DB connectors Take DB connector and tin-plate the ends where we are going to make the connections, that are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 18 and If you do not have any free connectors.


If even after feeding the 5 V, does not work anything except button ANALOG, that now ignites the lightyou will have to make a small modification in the connections.

You dirsctpad be able to use ALL the buttons of PlayStation pad in your dirctpad games, altogether 10 if you use digitals or 16 if you use the analog control. Buy a second PSX extension cable and with a little skill you solder all wires to the same DB connector you used for your first pad except the wires that would go to pins 10 and 12 of the DB The wire that corresponds to hole 5 of the connector you have it to weld to direcrpad other ends of the 5 diodes. Once connected everything it gives just as it is dual-shock or notwe verified in the configuration of the driver none of the buttons nor any directional ones work.

Following with the preliminaries, I will going to make clear that you do not need any knowledge electronics, although knowing how to solder and know how to handle a multi-meter. And we are now in the last of the mechanical part. If your controller doesn’t power dirwctpad many racing controllers need more power than the parallel port can supply, for example you may want to try adding an external 5V power supply:.