If the file does not exist, create it and enter the following three lines: Timing and averages Timing and averaging options. Custom off command Adv. Sweeps with many commands or data points might take longer for the instrument to receive and process, and the actual delay between the end of configuration and the beginning of the sweep might be reduced. Store graph zoom preset Shift Modify behavior of certain functions:

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Custom sweep config commands: Make a flow diagram of how you would do the process manually. Note that during DC-mode operation, the SMU bias is applied without any delay; in this case only the first measurement is delayed.

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Custom off command Adv. Message 3 of In practice, I have found the time values to be sufficiently accurate for all applications encountered to date. The I-V software immediately tries to communicate with the instrument upon being launched. The preferred format commands are:. To assist with this process, a data description field is provided under the “Data” tab.

Comparison of diode V-I sweeps using fixed 10 mA range left and auto range with mA compliance right.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

This means that the selected time interval contains invalid measurement points, or measurement points from which power or charge cannot be determined. This software is provided as a win32 binary, and should be capable of running on most PCs labvifw Windows XP through Windows To assist kiethley verifying or debugging a custom command sweep, turn on the “debug” option under advanced instrument settings.


The upper limit on the number of data points depends on computer speed and memory, and on other limits imposed by LabVIEW or bit memory address space.

Selecting “Auto-clear description” will clear the description field with each new measurement, and selecting “Prompt for info with save” will ensure that an updated description is provided with each file saved. In particular, failure to set kekthley instrument’s compliance and output-off state as instructed can result in damage to the SMU and the battery.

You want to break up your code into subVIs.

This resistivity equation already includes the first-order wafer thickness correction factor. The data file format much match that of files saved by this software, i. However when I tried your method, I can install the suitable driver, which solved the problem. I’ve had poor luck using faster baud rates with these instruments. Neither these instructions, nor any other part of the I-V Software, identify all hazards that may ketihley present.

This software was built and tested with NI The Keithley has a configurable scan keithlej of Fast, Medium, and Slow.


Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by lahview possible matches as you type. For example, with a instrument in a solar cell testing laboratory, I used the commands shown above lqbview provide an audible beep at the start and end of each sweep, and to control the shutter on the solar simulator.

Your main VI can then call these other VIs to do the actual work. Message 11 of This software uses the general equations for sheet resistance and resistivity shown above labeled “otherwise”. Efficiency is calculated based on the provided values for the device area and incident power density.

Help — IV Software

However, if a sweep returns puzzling results, or takes dramatically pabview than intended, turn off auto-range as one of the first troubleshooting steps. If errors continue, or if the software becomes unresponsive, see troubleshooting.

Message 3 of 3. Unintended open circuits e.

Sometimes this can lead to oscillations that prevent reaching steady state. All sweep modes produce data sets that include voltage, current, time, and instrument-specific flags e.