MacGregor Golf was founded in and is the second oldest golf company in the United States. I am a club addict. If you are looking to shape shots with your irons, check out another set that I have reviewed here on eBay. Ping G30 LS Tec Again, I think manufacturers made the long irons un-hittable so that we all had to buy their funky hybrid clubs.

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Reviews: MacGregor V-Foil M Iron Set Golf Club | eBay

maccgregor I’m ,acgregor forged blade guy for some years My shots went an additional 10 yards per club. My Son is very happy with his new clubs, and I’m sure it will benefit his game improvement. There are internal Tungsten weight cylinders positioned in the back toe and heel of the 3- and 4-iron. The MacGregor M forged irons are not manufactured anymore, but are a very high-quality product.

I still keep my Burner hybrid in the bag for deep rough, but otherwise I feel way more confident hitting the 3 or 4 iron.

I’m so happy with the M that I bought a 6 iron in the Macgregog version for my girl friend to try. Design And Technology MacGregor uses two different types of forged steel in these irons. All in all, these are a set for better players. These clubs feel great when you hit the ball.


Naturally my drive ended up directly behind this tree. I kept coming back to the MacGregor’s. I buy a set of irons once a month. Same thing happened again. Forged and milled carbon steel for feel and shot consistency. Impossible say the traditionalists.

MacGregor V-Foil 1025CM Mixed Set Irons

These will be in the bag a long time. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe. Wish I switched to “players” clubs sooner.

The shafts Dynamic Gold are stiffer and heavier than my previous set Dyna-Lites vfpil am learning to adjust to them. They are not as chunky as the new m’s are.

MacGregor V-Foil M Iron Set

Perhaps it is just macgregot, but I like the feel of the long irons better than the shorter clubs in this set. They are actually a nice forgiving muscle back blade with great workability. I bought these to put in my travel case for the times that my business trips turn into mini vacations. I hit the ball a good bit further with these irons.


The faces of the irons are constructed with harder metal in the center and softer metal around the outside. The S59s played great but lack the fell of the forged ms. These clubs are accurate and feel solid at impact.

I bought some M the other day and they are smooth as butter. Wont be giving these up any time soon. The m’s were my first set of musclebacks and I have nothing but positive remarks on them.

They looked great, but when I hit them they sounded clucky a nd felt the same. No, wait, I did see a rainbow! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mmacgregor my last four competitive rounds I’ve shot 89 – 88 – 95 tried a new driver and