Similar values on a wide variety of computer-related items. Keystroke functions can be redefined, and se- quences can be programmed to directly execute macros. Favorable outlook for daisywheel teleprinters The market for letter quality tele- printers is on an upward swing, according to a recent study by Venture Develop- ment Corp. I T J nqyeS Smartmodem. No one said much about the company’s initial problems until Tom Fox’s article lA Feb Pentecost Atlanta, GA We are delighted you felt challenged by the benchmark results. In this respect, they are inferior to other programs.

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The system can maintain files on up to 10, vendors. Pascal and Fortran, as well, are straight out of Microsoft’s Seattle cellars.

Product Line card

At the beginning of each transmis- sion, the master key sends out an encoded message to synchronize the units involved, and automatically estab- lishes a session key to encrypt the com- munication that follows.

Ease of use is VisiCalc’s best-liked feature. Because of the unique Uni-Hammer desisn, the GPM is smaller jtc simpler than other dot matrix printers yet costs considerably less. Both the hardware and software are highly interrupt driven, so most tasks have lots of logical stopping places.

So why pay inflated prices? Each of the 96 keys, as well as seven key-mounted light-emitting diodes LEDsis separately definable and accessible at a lower level of systems software control. Mow that computers are available for about the price of a good stereo system, personal computers will soon be used to regulate energy in the home, to regulate spending habits, and even to provide entertainment for the family.


Line computes “S”, the screen location where each guess begins on the TV. No pass- through Is permitted for leasing operations In these Instances.

This omission or Improper use of the pass-through decision Is quite understandable due to Its complexity. Once entry has been completed, the system will ask whether to accept, edit or reject it.

They are attempting to shape It; to mold It into their own Idea of what computer retailing should be.


All but Basic are true compiler implementa- tions, thus maximizing the execution speed programs written in them. Standard Standard Top of Form N. Addition and subtraction of numbers having errors. Computers are acnyon-intel readily available than ever before to prospective buyers. We have received several letters in the same vein: In fact, become more widely available.

This invites the replacement of a check with a credit memo. Our PS8 power supply makes it simple to get the system into operation. I, tests before shipping, has expertise on all items offered, and is price competitive.

CTOS, however, keeps a list of the relative priorities of the tasks, and apportions the CPU’s time rather un- democratically. A quick-test has been added for quick verification of the working of the system.



Setting up the system is rather simple. Covers the essential programming statements and machine features. If a correct color Is found In the wrong position, line sounds off and line prints a black space followed by a red box. Small Business Computers, you’ve heard about them, now see them— at Computer Mart. Leasing used computers 19 Game Corner: So, we would get savings all around. One application frequently needed In an accounts receivable Installation Is the ability to bill customers canyon-imtel, on a periodic basis, for the same amount each time.

This installment will show how to develop a program that allows someone to input data canyon-kntel effects the outcome of the program while it is running.

Thus, a service com- pany does not have to Implement the inventory system, nor does a small retail store have to Include the sales and order entry to have a viable system. This is nearly four times faster than the floppy, but not up to the capabilities of other albeit more canyonn-intel hard disk machinery.